Extra-Curricular Clubs

Ormiston Rivers Academy offers a wide range of activities and clubs that students can be involved in outside of normal school hours. Staff at the Academy provide a variety of opportunities for our students. A free late bus runs after school at 4.20pm Monday to Thursday, enabling students to participate in after school activities without worrying about how to get home. Clubs and activities change for each term.  

Our aim is to offer a vast array of activities and clubs to ensure that there is something that appeals to all students.  From technology focused clubs such as Computing club and STEM club to practical life skills activities such as Cooking club, Reading club, Debate club and Art club, and from Sports clubs such as Football, Netball, Rugby and Weights Room, to our popular Performing Arts based options such as Choir, Dance troupe, Technical Theatre club and Drama club, we continue to develop our offering to best serve our student population. 

Please see below for the current timetable.

From Easter we will revert back to our in school enrichment programme, with a few clubs choosing to remain virtual. House competitions will also continue with subject areas offering different competitions related to their areas.  The programme for the next half term is as follows:


Years 7 and 8 Elite Scholars - Virtual via Year group Google Classroom - 4.30pm - 5pm
TuesdayYear 7 Science club - CAN
6th Form Football - LTA
Year 9 Girls Netball  - HPA
Year 9 Boys Rugby - SMO
Year 10 Boys Rugby - MCL
Sixth Form Technical theatre club - CoAN
Year 8 Drama Club - E03 - CTH
Years 9 and 10 Elite Scholars - Virtual via Year group Google Classroom - 4.30pm - 5pm

Year 10 NCFE Catch up - DSA and MCL
Year 8 Girls Netball  - LTA and HPA
Year 8 Boys Rugby - SMO
Year 9 Art - SO7 - Mr Anderson
Year 7 Reading club - Library - MBU
Year 9 Science Booster - CAN
Year 9 D of E - KLE
Year 7 - Week A Computing club -  Library - DGI

Year 9 - Week B - Dora Love (Invite only) - ICT room - JBL
Year 7 Boys Rugby - SMO
Year 7 Girls Netball - LTA
Year 10 Girls Football - HPA
Year 9 STEM club - Tech IT room - DGI
Year 9 Week A - Dora Love  (Invite only) - ICT room - JBL
Year 10 Week B - Stand up Social Action club - JBL
Year 7 Cookery club  - Food room - CHY
Years 7, 8 and 9 Debate club - Virtual - 4pm to 5pm - MBU
Year 10 Science Booster - CAN
Year 10 D of E - KLE
Sixth Form - Weights Room - ABK
FridayYear 9 Week B - -
Digital Media and School Magazine - Science IT room - TFR

Sixth Form - National Theatre Club - PA04 – KGO

Virtual Cookery Club - Via Google Classroom each week - Year 8 -13 - CHY KS3 Elite Dance Cub - Virtual - KDA - Invite only

To book please go to Evolve and sign up your child for the club they would like to attend.  If they were already signed up prior to Easter they will already be registered:

If you have any queries regarding enrichment please contact Helen Victory, Assistant Principal on [email protected]