Curriculum Recovery

Learning at Ormiston Rivers Academy during our first term back has been quite different.  Many students have been unable to access specialised classrooms, as we are keeping all students safe in their pods at the moment.  We also need to make sure everybody has caught up from any work that they may have missed during lockdown.

We have had to rethink our curriculum, making sure the same excellent standard of teaching is still happening, but in different classrooms.  This has been quite a challenge, especially with practical sessions, but the students and teachers have been rising to the challenge.  

We have utilised our Covid catch up funding in a variety of ways including:

  • specialist equipment purchase for pods
  • investment in hardware and software (include digital platforms) to support learning
  • graduate teaching assistant in Science and a learning assistant in English for small group catch up tutoring.

Some of our subjects have had to adapt the planned learning and adjust to their new environments.

Curriculum is one of the 5 key Foci of our Covid Catch up and response strategy which you can download below: