Guest speakers and industry experience

At Ormiston Rivers Academy we believe that interaction with industry experts and speakers is an important developmental experience for our students.  It gives them the opportunity to hear from professionals about what it is like to be in that industry and the steps needed to enter that vocation, as well as being to ask their own questions.  Our students are encouraged to be aspirational and by bringing in Guest speakers we aim to open their eyes to possibilities and careers that they may have not considered.  

We also use Guest speakers to educate our students in areas of our PSHE programme to help develop their respect and prepare them in becoming independent, responsible citizens who are able to keep themselves safe and healthy.  We have used speakers and performance companies related to County Lines, Drugs and Gangs in order to educate our young people in a way they find relatable. 

In Careers we often are able to arrange workshops, industry expert sessions and assemblies on next step pathways.  Recent examples have included Apprenticeship assemblies, Sixth form and Next steps talks, UCAS online talks and workshops, a Boeing Engineering workshop, Validate talks on Science careers and the opportunity for our Brilliant Club members to work with University professors. 

Subjects also arrange subject specialist visits to enhance their curriculum from author visits in English to Business mentoring for our Sixth form students.  Opportunities are varied and exciting.

Recent Speakers and Industry Experiences:

Work Experience

Year 10 and Year 12 have both received their work experience placement information packs. Students are in the process of arranging placements for Summer 2022. Both year groups will complete a week’s work experience in an industry placement of their choice. Work experience is an excellent opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the skills and qualities required by employers. It also allows students to develop their transferable skills and provides an opportunity for them to experience the world of work.

Any questions regarding work experience please contact Mrs Compton, Careers Lead.

Apprenticeship assemblies

At the end of November 2021, students in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 all took part in apprenticeship assemblies delivered by AIM apprenticeships. The information assemblies ensured students had high quality, up-to-date information about apprenticeship options relevant to their next steps and that students are fully informed of this as a pathway option for them. This will be followed up by a bespoke programme of support run by AIM apprenticeships who will support interested students in finding and applying for apprenticeships.

Healthcare Master Class

On 24th November students from across the Academy who are interested in a career in Medicine and Healthcare took part in a masterclass on Healthcare science and cardiology. Students were taken through the different career options within this field and what the jobs involved. They also got to ask questions of the experts to help them on their career paths. Students found the session very informative and really valued the opportunity.

Construction Master Class

On 19th November students interested in a future career within the construction industry attended an informative and engaging master class presented by Eurovision on working in the construction industry. The talk covered the different areas involved in construction and the pathways available. Students were able to pose questions and discuss their own interests with the presenters.

Sixth Form Revision Workshop

In September our Sixth Form students took part in a study skills and revision strategies workshop run by Elevate education. Students were taught how to take control of their Post-16 studies and techniques for effective independent study. They were also shown key revision strategies to use in preparation for examinations.

Matt Windle Workshop

On 4th May 2021 a selection of Year 9 took part in a virtual workshop run by Matt Windle, a poet and boxer. Students explored what their voices are and how they can be used appropriately. 

Boeing UK Engineering Outreach Session 

On the 18th March thirty year 9 students were invited to take part in a live Boeing event, these students were selected as they are either; part of STEM club, top 10% achievers in the Bebras challenge and/or have a noticeable interest in Engineering. 9 junior engineers at Boeing UK talked about their roles within the company with students taking part in an Q & A session about what they think engineering is and examples of it in everyday life. Students were then given some tips on aerodynamics followed by a challenge: Create a paper aeroplane using basic materials that can travel the furthest and carry a 10p coin. Consideration needed to be given to the amount of materials used to highlight cost and sustainability to the students. Everyone engaged well and soon we had aeroplanes of various sizes and designs flying around the room, after about 40 mins of design and modifications, the students in their teams had a “fly off”. The longest flight distance measured in at 11.3 metres, closely followed by a distance of 10.6m which was impressive! A follow up session the following week enabled the Boeing engineers and the teams to discuss thoughts behind the designs and what they would do differently as well as to declare the winners who were: Zac Cooper, Ava Queen-Jones, Natalie Coxeter, Dani Riley and Harry Edwards- Well done! Students were also shown a possible career path concentrating on STEM subjects. 

Virtual Careers Experience Day 

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 took part in a Virtual Careers Experience Day on 1st March 2021. For Years 7, 8 and 9 the day started with a motivational session from external speaker Cameron Parker, and then students took part in sessions that allowed them to explore their aspirations, cultivate their knowledge of different careers options available to them and the local labour market, and to develop the key skills required for employment. Students then had the opportunity to visit the National Careers Week Virtual Careers Fair. Students enjoyed the day and felt it really helped them to develop their careers knowledge.

The day for Year 10 instead gave them the opportunity to undertake virtual work experience, exploring the world of work and undertaking job roles in real companies to allow them to develop key employability skills. Students had the choice of two pathways on the day: Students who aspire to work in Medicine had the opportunity to complete the Brighton and Sussex Medical School Virtual Work Experience Day. This allowed them to explore the different areas of medicine. It is a nationally endorsed programme for aspiring doctors and nurses. The other programme was offered by Reed employment agency and took students through a virtual work experience programme in the different functional areas of business e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, etc. Students were able to explore what working in these different areas involves and developed key employability skills to enable them to enter the world of work. They also had the opportunity to develop a CV as part of the day.