Reading and writing are very important and valuable skills but people are often not aware of how important speaking and listening skills are too. Schools that include speaking and listening in a planned and structured way for children in their lessons see improvement in their classroom involvement. 

  • No Pens Day
    Every year, ORA participate in ‘No Pens Day’, during which students to put down their pens and pick up speaking and listening skills
  • Debate Club
    A weekly debate club is held for students in all year groups, developing their ability to debate effectively
  • Speak Out Challenge
    Selected Year 10 students take part in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, providing students with a superb opportunity to develop vital public speaking skills and their confidence with this
  • Make Yourself Heard
    In 2020, OAT launched their own public speaking competition, Make Yourself Heard. Both of our finalists were regional winners for their group, and one student even went on to win nationally. We look forward to competing in the years to come.