Our Principal's welcome.

Since joining the Academy as Principal in September 2019, I have been constantly impressed with the positive attitude of students and their courteous and polite manner. They have made me feel very welcome. This is an exciting time for Ormiston Rivers and the children and families we serve within the Dengie community and together with all the staff at the academy, I am looking forward to helping our students achieve the great things they so richly deserve.

I believe hard work and doing things to the very best of your ability lead to success. From the moment students enter our academy, we expect the very best from them. In my experience, it is amazing how students raise their game and achieve great things when great things are expected of them.

To me the little things matter. Getting to school on time, dressing smartly, bringing the correct equipment and showing respect for all are four simple things everyone can do. When the little things add up it makes a big difference!

Our students, of course,  are the reason why we are all here. Firstly, and in my opinion, most importantly, we will always try to ensure that every child is happy. As a parent myself, I fully understand that students’ happiness, safety and wellbeing must always be the priority.

Recognising that all our students have different skills and will grasp concepts and retain knowledge in many different ways is fundamental to helping us meet all our students’ needs. Providing lessons that inspire and engage and listening and responding to students’ ideas and opinions is at the heart of what we do. Ensuring every student is known and feels valued through relationships built on mutual respect leads to a happy and safe place to learn.

Academic success is important, but the skills students learn and the character traits of resilience and resourcefulness that they develop along the way ensure, in my opinion, that they are well prepared for whatever adventure they embark on in life.

Mrs Emma Baker