Labour Market Information

What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

Labour market information is information about the current economic and employment situation
This includes data on graduate destinations (e.g. what careers can certain degrees lead to), average starting salaries (e.g. what can you earn when newly qualified and then when experienced), current trends in employment sectors (e.g. which sectors are growing and which are declining) and recruitment patterns (e.g. what will make you more employable).

Find out more about the sector or industry you want to work in by checking LMI. 

You will be able to answer questions such as: 

  • Is it a thriving sector or are businesses in the sector closing because of the economic climate?
  • Is it a growth sector predicted to provide new jobs in the future?  
  • Are jobs in this sector mainly located in a specific geographical location?

The answers to these questions may inform the choices you make about your future. For example the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership identify sectors that are due to grow in the local area which can be informative to young people when exploring future career options. Currently the key sectors in Lancashire are – 

  • Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Energy and Environmental 
  • Construction 
  • Business and Professional Services 
  • Creative and Digital 
  • Visitor Economy 

To research these and various other careers and sectors there are many websites and resources you can use. Below are some examples that offer impartial information to use to help you understand the labour market better and the career path you are considering.

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