FAQ Revision

Frequently Asked Questions about Independent Learning

Is it all right to have the TV or music on when you are working?

It is up to you and many people find they work better with some background music on. But remember that television means you have something else that will distract you because you have to watch it. We advise against the use of TV or music where possible.

I work better under pressure and leave things till the last minute. If I still get them done what’s wrong with that?

If you are under pressure you will make mistakes and forget things that are important. You also leave yourself no time to put things right. You might get things done but that doesn’t mean you do them as well as you could if you planned your time better.

I do lots of things outside school. How can I find time to do home learning as well?

When you are busy, managing your time is really important. There is time for everything but you need to plan carefully and think in advance about what you have to do and when you are going to do it. Be aware of the times you are busy with outside commitments and work around these. Usually the busiest people are also the ones who manage to get most done.Use the study timetable provided.

Why does my mind go blank in exams?

Probably because you are worried and perhaps because you haven’t prepared as fully as you need to. If you have planned your revision carefully and know what to expect, there is no need to worry and there should be no nasty surprises.

How can I remember important facts?

In the same way that you remember everything else; by going over them bit by bit as many times as you can. Put them on a bit of paper, photocopy them and leave them round the house. You’ll be amazed what you remember without even trying.