Careers Guidance

Finding the right pathway for you

Mrs Fliss Compton (Careers Lead)
Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01621 782377

Ms Louise Brazier (Independent and Impartial Careers Adviser)
Email: [email protected]

Miss Helen Victory (Assistant Principal)
Email: [email protected]

The information on this page is reviewed annually. The next scheduled review is 1st May 2022. If you have any feedback, please get in touch via the contact page on this website.

Our Careers lead is Mrs Compton. She is responsible for the delivery of the school's programme of careers advice and guidance. Mrs Compton ensures that we are meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks effectively. She has a BA Hons degree from Durham University in European studies with German and French, and she is a mum to two busy boys. When not at a dance competition or a sea cadet event, she likes to read and spend time in the garden. 

Mrs Compton and her team are here to help you find areas that you may be interested in and, over time, start to work out how you might get there. As you progress up through the school years we will help you to make the right choices so that the career options you want are open to you. But, of course, it's you that has to do the hard work with your learning in and out of the classroom.

You have access to a comprehensive careers programme as well as independent and impartial careers advice and guidance. We want to support and encourage you to make informed choices about your future and be well prepared for your next steps.

Our careers programme is designed to support you at key transition points and allows you to explore, discover and access the opportunities that are out there. 

Impact of our Careers Programme

98% of all our students stay in education or enter employment after Key Stage 4. This is significantly above both Local Authority and National Average. 100% of our disadvantaged students stay in education or enter employment again, outperforming National Averages.