Sixth Form Staff

Sixth Form Team:

D Sametz – Head of Sixth Form Year 12

Email:  [email protected]

M Wilkins – Head of Sixth Form Year 13

Email:  [email protected]

T Penberthy – Sixth Form SSA and Administrator

Email: [email protected]

H Victory – Assistant Principal – SLT Link for Sixth Form

Email: [email protected]

The Sixth From Tutor Team:

Year 12:

T Cope 12TCO Email: [email protected]

S Cooke 12SCK Email: [email protected]

C Hoare 12CHO Email: [email protected]

M Wright 12MWR Email: [email protected]

Year 13:

E Welham 12EWE Email: [email protected]

F Compton 12FCO Email: [email protected]

P Tompkin 12PTO Email: [email protected]