Mrs C Surman (Main Reception)
Email: [email protected]

Academy Uniform
Orders for Academy uniform can be placed directly with our supplier, Anglia Sports & Schoolwear via their online ordering service at www.yourschoolwear.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can order uniform via the Academy:
E-mail your order to [email protected] .
Or you can order in writing for the attention of Mrs C Surman.

Please see the files download section at the bottom of this page.

When ordering via the Academy please make sure you include the following information:
Item Required

  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Students Name
  • Students Mentor Group
  • Contact Number

Payment can be made either by cash or cheque. The Academy cannot accept credit or debit cards. Cheques should be made payable to Ormiston Rivers Academy.​

In preparation for a return in the new term, please make sure that you have checked our website for uniform expectations.  These are in the students Learning Journals too.  You may wish to ensure that your child(ren) has tried on their uniform in plenty of time before we return to make sure that it all fits.

The school does have a selection of clean uniform, PE kit and well maintained school shoes.  We may also be able to provide support in supplying the correct uniform if you need it – speak to your child’s Achievement Director, Mentor or Student Support Assistant.

Please note that trainers and canvas shoes/Vanns are not the correct uniform, students must have proper leather school shoes.

I am aware students may experiment with dyeing their hair, or trying new hairstyles; trying out piercings or new jewellery, new nail colours and styles etc.  However, all students must return with naturally coloured and appropriate hairstyles, nails etc. in line with the Academy’s uniform policy. 

If your child has had a facial piercing, for example, they must remove these before entering the Academy.  Nails should be a natural colour and not false, and kept at a short length.  The uniform policy on our website will have further details if needed.

Unfortunately, if this is not adhered to, students will be seated in our inclusion room until this can be resolved, as we will adhere to the behaviour policy around this. 

Acceptable Footware

Please use the images below as guidance for acceptable types of footware: