Drama & Performing Arts

We believe that the skills of communication, oracy, presence and self confidence can be built from the platforms of Drama and Performing Arts. 

Our curriculum intends to support these skills whilst imbuing a love of performance and study of skills and knowledge within the wide repetoire that this area represents.

Studying drama can open you up to many opportunities in the acting industry, which are not just ‘acting’. These are the things you could consider if you wanted to have a career in drama:

  • Film or theatre actor/actress
  • Stage Director
  • Lighting/set designer
  • Drama Therapist
  • Leader of drama clubs
  • Talent Agent
  • Drama Critic
  • Drama/Performing Arts Teacher
  • Usher
  • Dance Teacher
  • Television/film producer
  • Youth and community worker
  • Arts Administrator
  • Presenter/broadcast journalist
  • Cinematographer
  • Theatrical/film producer 
  • Scriptwriter for television film or theatre.