Weekly Update - 10th September 2021

I have come to the end of my first full week as Principal of Ormiston Rivers Academy, and what a full week it has been!

I have tried to spend as much time as possible this week getting out and about around the academy, meeting students during their free time and also visiting lessons.  It has been lovely getting to know some of our students better, and listening to their ideas and aspirations.

The lessons I have dropped into have been purposeful and positive; with students engaged and interested in their learning, which has been wonderful to see.  A few photos are attached.

As you are aware, letters have been sent out this week regarding the revised Covid regulations and trialling new break and lunch time arrangements.  I genuinely appreciate your support with this, as I begin to navigate my journey as the new Principal of Ormiston Rivers Academy.   We will, of course, continue to review these arrangements, and will always welcome your feedback and input.  The letters are available to view on our website: www.ormistonriversacademy.co.uk/key-info/letters-home.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the requirements for uniform. Students should be attending school in full uniform; not P.E kit as was the case in the last academic year. P.E. changing rooms have now re-opened, so students have plenty of time and space to change.  I believe that it is important for us to return to as much “normality” as possible after the past, very difficult 18 months.  In addition, I believe it is much healthier and more hygienic for students to change out of potentially wet or dirty P.E. kit, rather than having to remain in this clothing throughout the school day.

May I remind you that the academy will close at 12.50 p.m. on Thursday 16th September for all students, so that staff can prepare for our Open Evening.  Buses will collect students as usual, but at this earlier time.

Finally, I would like to request that if you need to contact the school for any reason, that you do this through the appropriate channels.  For example, please contact your child’s teacher, mentor or one of our Student Support Advisors in the first instance, prior to escalating to their Achievement Director or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Whilst we will always welcome feedback, comments and communication, it is important that this is received, initially, at the appropriate level, so that if it does become necessary for a query or concern to be escalated, that there is sufficient capacity for this to happen.

Once again, thank you for affording me such a warm welcome and for your ongoing support, engagement and encouragement.

Jo Williams