Weekly Update - 5th November 2021

I hope that you all had a well-deserved and enjoyable break over half-term.

It has been lovely to welcome our students back to school this week.  On the whole, they have returned refreshed, invigorated and keen to learn.

This is particularly true of our Year 11 students, who have been undertaking PPE (Mock) examinations this week.  I am delighted to say that their behaviour, approach and attitudes to these has been exemplary, they are a true credit to you and to themselves.  Given the extraordinary circumstances that they have been through over their past two years of school, this is all the more remarkable and something to be celebrated and congratulated.  We wish all students the best outcomes possible, which is what they truly deserve, and which will provide them with support and guidance for their eventual GCSE exams in the summer.

We have, as always been busy in the academy this week, and have welcomed several visitors, including Nick Hudson, our CEO from Ormiston Academies Trust, OAT Lead Practitioners for Science and Sixth Form and our new Local Authority School Improvement Partner.  We continually welcome the input and expertise that this support provides, and are always keen to take this on board in order to continue to improve our academy’s offer to all of our students.  We have also balloted for new parent governors, and are very keen to welcome the successful candidates on board.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to cast your votes.  The outcome of the ballot will be shared early next week.

In a similar vein, we constantly strive to provide extra-curricular, enrichment and life experiences to our students.  As you are no doubt aware, next week will mark Remembrance Day; something which our academy has always marked with the utmost importance and respect.  Assemblies in this regard will be held every day next week and on the occasion of 11th November, there will be a full two-minute silence, alongside a poignant reminder of why this is important, and a full Cadet colour party, who will lay the wreath of Remembrance at the plaque of John Thrumble, an ex-student of the school, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2007.

I will also be attending the Town Council’s Remembrance Service, accompanied by staff and students on Sunday 14th November.

Future plans and events include Children in Need day, Year 10 Work experience opportunities and year 11 PPE outcomes and parents’ evening.  I look forward to providing you with further information in this regard, and also to continuing to share the many and varied activities that are a part of our daily academy life going forwards.

Kind regards.

Jo Williams, Principal.