Performing Arts Dance Troupe

The Performing Arts department prides itself on providing dynamic, inspirational training and motivating students to reach the very best of their ability. 

The Performing Arts Dance Troupe was established in 2013 with the addition of the KS3 Dance Troupe the following year. Students are given the opportunity to audition for the chance to be chosen for the troupe. They will be required to demonstrate, in a performance audition, their ability to dance and perform to a judging panel. Potential and personality are as equally valued as previous experience and attainment. We are looking for raw talent that shines, as well as talented students with previous training.

Once students start their GCSE’s, they can graduate into the senior Dance Troupe who train intensively twice a week. 

As a member of the Dance Troupe, we will provide you with a balance of creative and artistic knowledge and practical skills, allowing you to explore the demanding world of the professional dance industry. Sessions are diverse and intense enabling students to fulfil their potential, as professional artists, while developing their ability to perform live, in front of large audiences and at events. They will study a variety of dance genres and choreography while developing their own ability to lead and compete for the role of Dance Captain.

Gym & Dance Show

The Dance students play an active role in school productions including the Gym & Dance Show that takes place in July. Dance students are given the opportunity to audition for lead roles and support the primary school workshop days. 

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