Year 9 Options Hub

Welcome to our Year 9 Online Options Hub

Mr R Madajczyk (Assistant Principal)
Email: [email protected]

As part of this hub you will find:

  • Videos for each subject, describing the course
  • Options booklet.  This includes advice on making your decisions as well as descriptions of each subject.

The hard copy of the Option Form will be given to students at the end of January after Option Marketplace happen. 

Please ensure you complete the form no later than 4th March 2024 and return to Mr Madajczyk

I would strongly advise you to think very carefully about your option choices and discuss your choices at home before submitting your form.  If you need further careers guidance before completing your form, please do not hesitate to contact our careers advisor, Mrs Brazier, on [email protected]

I hope you will find this a useful source of information when making your decisions about your Key Stage 4 subject choices.

Introductory videos – Option Subjects

Each of the videos below contains a brief introduction to each subject so that you can learn what is involved in the study of each one. Should you have any further questions, there is an email address provided at the end of each video so that you can contact the relevant member of staff.

Introductory videos – Core Subjects