Weekly Update - 15/07/2021

Dear students, parents, carers and staff, 

This week has been extremely difficult for me as despite only being at the academy for two years it has felt so much longer. Over the last two years I feel we have built a positive bond and every week when I type my blogs I try to share as much information as I can with you. I feel that after writing to you each week for so long and during lockdown two or three times, I feel like part of your family. 

I still remember the Principal Interview back in April 2019 like it was yesterday, I managed to have some time for lunch and instead of eating I made my way outside to try and meet the students. I remember walking around getting lost but the biggest thing that stuck out for me was how friendly the students were. They happily allowed me to walk over to them and ask them about their day and what they thought about the school and they were really honest in what they had to say. I have never known such genuine students and it makes me feel very sad that I will not continue on the journey with them.

When I first started I remember having discussions with staff regarding uniform, standards and how I wanted to work with everyone around high expectations. As you know by now I feel that uniform and manners are very important and it's the small things that do make the difference. I am so proud of how our students look in our community, I know they make you proud also and so they should. 

Over the last two years I have worked tirelessly with the staff to ensure that standards continue to rise and that the young people get the best education possible, I have been very fortunate to have a staff team that truly do care about every individual and go out their way on a daily basis to give your child the very best. They have made my job a lot easier and this was shown during lockdown in how quickly they adapted to live lessons, often having their own children at home and managing your children and their own at this difficult time. The support staff are the engine room of the school and without this team the teaching staff would not be able to do their job, again in lockdown it was the support staff that volunteered to drive the minibus around the Dengie giving out sanitary products and lesson resources. Every time I make a suggestion, however crazy it may appear, the whole team fully stands behind me and makes it happen. I hope that you have been happy with the way I have led the school through our normal days and the pandemic. 

With the help of many passionate and committed people both within the school and beyond, the school has continued to go from strength to strength and I know that the new Principal,  Ms Williams will continue to work with everyone to strive to make our school the best it can be. 

It has been a pleasure working with you over the last two years, as you are aware we do close at 12.45pm tomorrow therefore staff will be switching off their emails and enjoying their well deserved break. I will be available via my email throughout the summer if you need anything at all. My last working day for the academy will be August 31st. 

Warmest regards.

Emma Baker