Staff Profiles

Martin has a passion for his subject and for working with young people. He was inspired to teach at Ormiston Rivers Academy as he grew up nearby and joined as a supply teacher over a year ago. Since joining Martin has been able to add value as ideas are always welcomed and he has really enjoyed taking KS5 teaching groups this year. He describes the unity of staff within and across departments, the exceptionally supportive HR and senior leadership, and the students’ characters as the reasons why he loves teaching at the academy.

Martin commented: “The location is definitely a selling point - a commute that allows you to get set for the day with a podcast, and unwind on the way home. I love that. Being part of an established Trust is also an advantage as this provides opportunities for your career development. I hope to develop my career into middle leadership in maths, completing a NPQLT then moving into lead practitioner or SLT, depending on the opportunities that become available. Ormiston Rivers has gone above and beyond to facilitate personal appointments that enable me to be the best teacher I can be, and has supported my personal and professional development with regular and timely feedback. I am looking forward to becoming a permanent member of staff, and moving forward in my career, which I know this school will encourage and enable”

Clare has experienced the academy as a student and as a member of staff and believes this has played a valuable part in how she chooses to teach. She is studying an Open University degree whilst working at the academy and will be a qualified teacher within the next year and has aspirations to work on the pastoral team. Her lessons provide a safe learning environment for students to be creative and work away from a typical classroom. Students have a real sense of pride when they perform and enjoy being part of the extra-curricular clubs, shows and performances which are regularly offered.

Clare says: “I was offered some fantastic opportunities as a student here, and as an up and coming musician/performer and wanted to give others the opportunity to experience what I had. Being a music and drama teacher allows me to do what I love every single day, whilst encouraging others to love it too! I get to perform every single day! I enjoy seeing students who enjoy learning, and watching their confidence grow as a result. Because we are smaller than other schools, there is a real sense of community. You are able to really get to know the students you teach. The local tight knit community is like no other. Ormiston Rivers plays a huge part in connecting the community and giving our students all the tools needed to be successful in whatever path they choose going forwards”.

Sally has worked at Ormiston Rivers for over two years and has a love for her subject and is passionate about making a difference to our students’ education. She enjoys seeing students grow in confidence as they learn new Maths concepts and also working with trainee and newly qualified teachers within the new Early Careers Framework as they develop the skills and confidence to become excellent classroom teachers.

Sally credits Ormiston Rivers for supporting her in her career development: “The academy has enabled me to start my NPQSL and recognised I needed time to successfully complete new elements of my role within the early careers framework. I have been inspired by the team work and supportive staff at the academy. I care deeply for our students and their learning journey. I believe students are proud of our academy and enjoy being here and learning.”

Agnes joined the academy in September 2021 and believes there is a strong sense that students are at the centre of teaching and learning and take responsibility for their own learning. She believes that in teaching and leading on languages at Ormiston Rivers she witnesses students’ learning, not only about French language and French culture, but about their own language, their own culture and themselves.

Agnes has really enjoyed her first term at Ormiston Rivers and was promoted to Head of Languages after the first half term of teaching. She commented: “Staff are all very supportive and look out for each other; they are trusted to do the best for the students. This sets a good example to students who in turn look after each other and are inspired to achieve to the best of their ability. Students enjoy coming to Ormiston Rivers because this is a very caring school and they know all teachers are here to help them succeed.

Richard joined Ormiston Rivers over 2 years ago and was attracted to a career in teaching so he could shape what he does every day and have an impact on developing others; seeing a student finally get a difficult concept that unlocks their understanding is what motivates him. He is keen to progress his career and have an impact in different areas of school life beyond the Humanities department.

Richard talks highly of how the academy has supported his career development: “I am lined up to deliver CPD to new middle leaders and I have been given the achievement of boys to look at across the academy and to strategize how to close the attainment gap to the girls. It is a pleasure witnessing students enjoying the variety of activities which we do that allows them to appreciate the importance of history to their lives and the shaping of the nation/world.”

Georgia has been with Ormiston Rivers Academy for over 2 years and was inspired to teach here to be part of a community and to make a difference to the life chances of the young people in the local area by fostering a love of learning in students, inspiring them to succeed. She is keen to help students develop their resilience and overcome challenges in their learning so they can progress and become well-rounded individuals.

Georgia commends the academy for her career journey: “Ormiston Rivers has provided ongoing guidance, including external courses, to support my career development, particularly as I was new to the senior leadership team when I joined. The academy provides a safe and engaging learning environment with aspiration, independence, resilience and respect at the heart of everything we do. I want to be part of driving the teaching and learning to excellence.”

Radoslaw (Radek) joined Ormiston Rivers over a year ago and believes that teaching is a truly rewarding profession. He is responsible for performance management across the academy and teaches Maths. He is passionate about his subject and working in collaboration with students and staff, and participating in everyone’s success.

Radek is motivated in the belief that every day brings new opportunities: “Ormiston Rivers is unlike any other school I have worked in. Every day is an absolute joy to work with students and staff alike; I learn something new and I am so inspired by their successes. It is more like ‘family’ where I support students and staff, and in return I also receive lots of support. My career plans are to develop into a strong, effective Deputy Head and I believe that this academy is the right place to gain that necessary experience and develop as an effective leader. Working with the experienced leaders, their feedback and support is the best way of developing myself. In addition, the comprehensive CPD programme and collaboration with OAT is invaluable.”

Mike has been with Ormiston Rivers for over 12 years and has had different roles as Achievement Director and Head of PE. Teaching has been the only job he has ever wanted; he is a former student and knows the area and the community well. As soon as a role became available he knew this could be a wonderful opportunity to help create an educational environment that enabled students to build confidence and knowledge, and to enhance their cultural capital.

Mike comments on the reciprocal support he receives and provides: “I have had a range of support from line managers and also opportunities to attend national conferences, visit other schools and begin my NPQSL. I feel my role is not only to educate students during their time with us, but to impart the knowledge and confidence to help them lead healthy and active lives when they leave. I also know that my ambitions are shared within a strong departmental team of like-minded professionals; it means we can all aspire and work collectively to offer opportunities and high quality teaching to our students.”

Mark was attracted to a career in teaching because he enjoys writing science fiction and horror stories coupled with a passion for inspiring young people to love reading, writing and speaking publicly with confidence. He coaches other teachers and is currently involved in rewriting the English KS3 curriculum, whilst overseeing KS3-5 English.

Mark has worked at Ormiston Rivers for over 2 years and says: “From the first day I came for my job interview, there was a 'family' feeling in this school. The staff here care about each other and their students in such a way that makes this place feel like a home from home. The behaviour of students around the academy is generally fantastic and staff always look out for them and each other. Students enjoy being in the academy where they are inspired and engaged during the school day, and their needs are being met by all.
I hope to consolidate my current position at Ormiston Rivers, and the senior leadership team has been immensely supportive as I balance my time between family and work.”

Julie has worked in a range of roles at Ormiston Rivers for over 15 years and during that time has progressed to become a recognised and respected member of the senior leadership team with responsibility for the entire HR function within the academy, as well as serving as PA to the Principal and supporting the wider leadership team.

Julie believes that the academy will continue to be successful because of the dedication and determination of staff, students and parents: “There are many unique things about Ormiston Rivers Academy, but just a few are: our wonderful, respectful students; our truly supportive and collaborative staff; our unique position in the local community, and the respect that this has developed for the academy over the years - this is evidenced by the fact that we are now entirely over-subscribed in every year group. Anyone who joins our academy family will always be welcomed, supported and encouraged. Yes, it is hard work; but it is hard work that pays off. Every single day you have the joy of experiencing one more breakthrough, or one more child that YOU have managed to reach. Give it a go! Otherwise, you'll never know.”

Teresa has worked at the academy for 19 years and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of a dedicated department. She has had three sons attend Ormiston Rivers and they have all made her proud as a parent. She has seen lots of changes during her time and believes that the academy has transformed and improved vastly.

Teresa’s take on why the academy is unique: “I am proud to work in a great department with teachers that go above and beyond to teach and help students achieve the best in their subjects. Everybody is friendly and it is like a family. I will greatly miss my job when I retire. I have learnt a great deal in my time at the academy.”

Donna has worked in primary and secondary schools across the country, including inner London, with the last 10 years at Ormiston Rivers. Donna’s role is so varied that no two days are the same and she enjoys the pace of her job and the constant flow and pleasure of supporting and advising students.

Donna feels appreciated by the academy and the community: “I have never worked in a school like Ormiston Rivers where I feel that the students are truly listened to. The students have a sense of belonging at the academy and are proud to attend here. There is a real sense of caring not only for the students but also for the staff; the whole team pull together to make Ormiston Rivers great. Anyone looking for a job where you feel like you’re making a difference and love to see the achievements and rewards from your hard work then look no further than Ormiston Rivers Academy.”

“I have worked at Ormiston Rivers for 18 years and I love working with a great team of staff. There is a friendly atmosphere between students and staff and I know I am part of contributing to our students’ achieving the best outcomes possible”

Jackie Edwards, PA to Achievement Team & Academy Admissions
“The core values of the staff remain the same after almost 18 years; everyone works hard to ensure the very best for our students, be it academically or pastorally. We are so good at helping those that need us; we listen, we act and we get things done. We support our students and we all work together as a team to ensure that the academy runs smoothly and that we communicate well with each other.”

“What makes Ormiston Rivers Academy unique is our collective drive to improve life opportunities for our students. We’re just one big team including our students.”

“Ormiston Rivers has a real community feel as it draws in children from the local area. I live locally with my own children at the academy so I know it is a good school with a positive atmosphere – always aiming higher.”

“Every day brings a different challenge. There is a lovely friendly and supportive atmosphere at the academy.”

“There are many great opportunities at Ormiston Rivers Academy, especially in the Sixth Form.”

“I enjoy supporting our students to ensure that they get the best out of their education and that they reach their full potential in their exams. The atmosphere at the academy is friendly, pleasant and welcoming amongst staff and students.”

“Ormiston Rivers Academy offers a great work-life balance with supportive colleagues; I enjoy learning new skills and new challenges. I have not worked within a school environment before, but have been really impressed with the dedication of the staff to the students’ progress, achievement and overall wellbeing.”