Pupil Premium - current

Pupil Premium (PP) 2020/21

Our objectives remain steadfast in taking an approach to maintain sustainable, continuous improvement which includes;

  • providing targeted support to improve the attainment and enrichment of disadvantaged pupils.
  • identifying vulnerable groups and ensuring their opportunity to succeed through additional interventions is maximised.
  • monitoring and proactively working towards reducing the gap in attainment between FSM and non-FSM pupils.
  • tracking outcomes of chosen interventions to ensure the maximum possible progress that justifies best value for money.
  • supporting staff with potential barriers to learning for FSM pupils and other vulnerable groups .
  • encouraging parents and carers to apply for FSM through positive engagement where changes in circumstance warrant FSM.
  • providing support to parents through attendance intervention to improve outcomes by reducing absences from school.

The planned activities and the intended impact for 2019/20 academic year are listed below and an estimated cost has been assigned.

Non PP students do not quite achieve the same as Non PP, whilst this gap is small we want it to be 0.The Assistant Principal for PP is  tasked with the strategy and leadership of closing the PP gap across the school.Disadvantaged students to achieve a Progress 8 score in line with or exceeding the national average. Our intention is to completely close the gap between PP and Non PP students.£15,900
Our PP students may not have had the same access to a wide range of enrichment activities as non PP. As an academy we firmly believe that access to enrichment is vital for all students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.Specific educational trips and visits to included internal and external opportunities. These are aimed at raising the aspirations of PP pupils as well as building their cultural capital. Reduced expected spend due to Covid Guidelines.To ensure all disadvantaged students are able to partake in educational trips and visits at a reduced, subsidised cost.£1500
Some of our PP students need 1-1 counseling or support from our Wellbeing Program and Wellbeing DirectorDedicated resource to work pro-actively with external bodies and colleagues on PP/SENAll students to make at least expected attainment and progress at Summer 2020 data drop.£16,000
Disadvantaged PP do not achieve in line with Non Disadvantaged (-0.1), whilst this gap is small and way above National Average we would like to close it completely.PP students are given the opportunity to participate in The Elite Scholar Program, Uni-tracks and The Brilliant Club.We would like to completely close the gap between PP and Non PP achievement to 0.£1,750
Not all students and families of PP students are engaging as much with school life as we would like.Provision of rewards and incentives to increase PP students’ motivation for success and improved levels of achievementTo see an improved attendance at parents’ evenings for PP families. To see improved outcomes for PP students in Year 11 2020.£2,200
Not all PP students have the aspiration to aim for university or higher level apprenticeships or buy into, early enough, our school ethos and values.Embed whole school values across all areas of the curriculum, ‘Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Aspiration’ using various ‘recognitions’ of these achievementsTo improve the NEET and uptake of SF placees for our Y11 cohort and all that follow£1,200
Some students need additional SEMH support to attend lessons.To ensure that disadvantaged students are supported to make expected progress and close the gap by out of class support by our SSA's, additional Apprentice SSA employed as of Sept 2020. Introduce a series of interventions run by SSA’s including anxiety, anger management and social skillsTo ensure that disadvantaged students are supported to make expected progress and close the gap to 0.£26,000
Some families need additional financial help to ensure their students can access learning and school expectations.Miscellaneous resources based on the individual learners needs, e.g. revision guides, uniform, equipment. Also provide an extended reading library for each department (online and physical)To ensure that all options are exhausted in giving our disadvantaged students the best possible educational chances        £14,500
A fluid and dynamic fund which allows for unexpected needs 'in year'.To enable initiatives to be taken throughout the year for targeted or improved interventions that weren’t evident at the planning stage.To ensure that all possible options are exhausted in giving our disadvantaged students the best education possible£8,105
The attendance of PP students is below non PP students.  This reduces their school hours and causes them to fall behind.New AP lead on attendance ensuring the gap is closing and improving. New Attendance Officer in post. Retention of Aquinas to support in tackling low attendance of PP students.To improve attendance of PP students aiming to be in line with whole school target of 97%.£22,000
Some of our PP students require additional support or an alternative curriculum to meet their needs. Alternative education provision in the curriculum to support students who struggle with mainstream subject academia. To provide bespoke subject qualifications internally (Princes Trust); and to provide a range of external curricula for PP pupils at risk of permanent exclusion.To reduce the exclusion rates for disadvantaged students£42,000
Some PP Students need extra support out of school with Maths, English and Science.Provision of additional programmes to support extended learning; Hegarty Maths, EzyScienceRaise attainment of PP students in English Maths & Science£4,500
Some PP Students are not at National expectations for literacy.Provision of a 1:1 reading programme for those in need and the development of a Focus on vocabulary development across the curriculumMore PP students reach Age Related Reading Age.£2,000
Some PP Students are not at National expectations for numeracy.Provision of small group tutoring at KS4 and KS3.More PP students reach end of year targets.15,200

The next strategic review will be in September 2021