All About Me Project

Clicking on this link will take you to a Google Form that you can fill in as a project that will give you a chance to introduce yourself to your mentor and mentor group.

Click to fill in the - All About Me - Google Form

Once you start filling in the form, you will have to submit it in order to save your progress but you can return to it and make changes as often as you like.

When it is completed, the information and images that you provide will be transformed into a digital booklet that you can keep and print out if you choose to*. This will also be given to your Achievement Director and your Mentor so they can learn a little bit about you before you begin your time at Ormiston Rivers Academy. We hope you enjoy it!

Using this form will require you to have or to set up a Google account which is free to do and recommended as it will help you to access additional resources in the future.

*This will be completed after the deadline of 31st August.