Remote Learning

All the help you need to ensure you can continue to learn during a national lockdown or self-isolation… 

If you are struggling to get to grips with using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), take a look at the video guidance below. If you have any technical issues (e.g., issues with access and passwords) please make sure you are signed into Google with your student details (see the first video below for support on this). If you continue to have technical issues, please email [email protected] for further support.

If you require further guidance, please email [email protected]

How do I set up Google on a new device?

This video explains:

  1. how to download and install Google Chrome
  2. how to sign in with your school account
  3. how to access the available apps (e.g., Google: Drive, Classroom, Docs, Sheets and Slides).

Many of these apps can also be installed directly onto mobile phones and other handheld devices. To do so, simply search for them using your device’s app store and sign in using the same method described in this video.

How do I access a live lesson?

This video explains how to use Google Meet to access live lessons where you can:

  1. listen to your teacher explain tasks and activities in real-time
  2. contribute to discussion via the chat window
  3. ask for specific support or guidance if something is unclear.

It also contains some do’s and don’t’s about using Google Meet so please watch it before you participate in lessons.

How do I make sure my work is submitted correctly (students)? and How do I sign up to receive reports on my child’s work (Guardians)?

This video is split up into two sections. The first section provides more detail on using Google Classrooms:

  1. how to access lesson material including documents, presentations and web-links
  2. how to access any work that needs to be completed
  3. how to hand in work that has been provided for you or work you have created yourself
  4. how to do all of the above on a mobile device.

The second section explains how to set up and manage Google Guardian Reporting.