Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening


Thank you for visiting the Rivers Sixth Form Virtual Open Event!  Please use this page and the other Sixth Form tabs on the ORA website to find out more.  At Rivers Sixth Form we pride ourselves on getting to know each student to help ease their transition into Year 12 and to further their education and careers after with lots of information on Universities and Apprenticeship opportunities.

All Year 11 students at ORA have received a copy of our Sixth Form Prospectus in mentor time and Year 9 and 10 mentors also have a copy to help guide any students who need 1:1 support discussing their educational journey after Year 11.

We know this can be a stressful time for students so after applications have been handed in, each student who has applied to Rivers Sixth Form will have an interview to ensure they are on target to get onto their desired course and that their course choices will be the best options to help support their future planning. These interviews will be scheduled from January 2022 throughout the term.

Welcome from our Principal!

This video features Mrs Williams, our principal welcoming you to the Sixth Form Open Evening.

Welcome from our Co-heads of Sixth Form

This video features Mrs Wilkins and Miss Sametz speaking a bit more about Rivers Sixth Form, including facilities, choosing subjects, and the application process.

Take a look at the subjects that we have to offer

Our Sixth Form students take 3 A levels and an enrichment subject (AS level or half an A level).  Please make sure you have watched videos for all the subjects you are interested in as this will help guide your application.  We also ask when students apply to choose backup options in case they do not meet the required grades or if two of their chosen subjects clash.  This is also good for students who aren’t quite too sure what they want to study yet as it keeps more opportunities open leading up to Results Day.

Welcome from our Sixth Form Leadership Team

Please meet our amazing Sixth Form Leadership Team. Their job role is equivalent to what many schools label ‘Head Boy’ and ‘Head Girl.’  Each student oversees a committee alongside a staff member and acts as a student leader.  In this video, they speak about what they do and give advice to prospective students.

Health and Wellbeing

Similar to KS3 and KS4, we ensure that our students have the knowledge and resources to seek support when needed.  Health and Wellbeing are at the heart of education to ensure our students can learn and become more resilient.  This video features Mrs Head who oversees Sixth Form Data, Administration and is our SSA.

Bursary and Financial Support

For students who need financial support, there are two bursaries in which you can apply for.  This video explains a bit more about these bursaries and what they can be used for.  Students who have previously been Pupil Premium or had Free Schools meals will be assisted in getting support again.  However, if your financial situation has changed, do speak with Mrs Head to see if there is any further support we can assist you with in terms of bursaries.

In previous years the bursary has helped students to get textbooks, travel costs to university open days, and laptops or other equipment needed to name a few.

Enrichment and Clubs

In this video, Miss Victory, who is also the Senior Link for Sixth Form speaks about Enrichment and Personal Development opportunities for Sixth Form students.   These opportunities not only help our students to develop new skills but also opportunities they may not have considered before.  When applying to university, grades are competitive, so we encourage students to not only achieve the grades they need but also make themselves stand out on their application with extra and super curricular activities.

Our 2021-22 Sixth Form Prospectus

How to get our Prospectus

  • You can download a digital copy of our prospectus here.
  • You can also pick one up from our school reception.
  • If you are not local to pick up a copy, please do contact the Sixth Form Team and we will get a prospectus to you in the post.

How to Apply

Below is the Sixth Form Application letter.  Hard copies will be given out in Year 11 mentor trays for Friday 8th October or you can print your own copy if you want to type it first.  Applications should be handed into the Sixth Form office by 10th December 2021 to be considered for our September 2022 start.